Burn! Mila Kunis Turned Down Ashton Kutcher's Secret Proposal!

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"Will you marry me?" said Ashton Kutcher to Mila Kunis. "Ehm no thanks!" she replied! Ouch, burn! A friend of Mila has spilled the beans that Ashon in fact did try to get down on one knee before Mila but that she kindly asked him to step up as she is not ready to tie that knot with him. The scourse explains: “Mila loves Ashton… but Ashton has some issues, and he needs to work toward cleaning them up before she can even think about marriage.” According to Mila's friend, the actress won't say yes to her college sweetheart Ashton until he has cleaned out his closet and legally divorced ex-y Demi Moore. That is a fair pont to make right! Meanwhile Ashton is taking it easy realizing everything has it's time and place - one marriage at a time! (national enquirer)