Juli 2012

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    Muziek luisteren

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    Heb je zin om naar muziek te luisteren, maar weet je even niet meer wat je op kunt zetten? Seylinsisistar heeft een lijst voor je samengesteld!
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    Wedstrijd: Droomkamer

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    Iedereen heeft wel een droomkamer in zijn hoofd die die graag zou willen. Of het nu een slaapkamer is, woonkamer of iets anders. Hou je van inrichten en creatief bezig zijn? Dan is deze wedstrijd iets voor jou. Maak je eigen droomkamer in een Scenery en win een post alléén over jou (!) in de  StarBlog.

  • Amber.StardollAmber.Stardoll


    From pink to platina blonde to silver - Alecia 'Pink' Moore has been pulling of tons of cool hair-cuts through out the years. What we really love about Pink is that she has her own style and does not seem to care too much about what a popstar should or shouldn't look like. Such an inspiration! Click on the pictures to see top 10 cool Pink hair-cuts!

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    GiuGiu.Stardoll is the Official Italian Stardoll. She is in charge of the Italian competitions, scouting of new talents on Stardoll and, last but not least, the Italian StarBlog. GiuGiu loves to write about fashion and to read the articles of the others StarBloggers and her dream is to become the Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia one day, so no better training than the StarBlog!



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    Gwen Stefani is not only known for being a terrific singer, she's also known for her cool sense of style. We spotted her recently wearing this leopard suit. We're not sure if we'd wear it, but it definitely looks cool on her. What do you guys think, hot or not? Vote and let us know!
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    Gotcha! Harry Styles of One Direction left his hotel to go to rehearsals in London, England. He carried a suitcase.. catching a flight after performing, Harry? But hey, where are your One Direction buds? We'd like to see a bit more of them too!

  • ElleGirlElleGirl


    Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

    No surprise here: Singer-songwriter/actress/DJ Solange Knowles has been bursting all over the fashion scene. Last month, Solange showed up to Trident’s “See What Unfolds” performance in Times Square wearing a colorful Roberto Cavalli spring 2012 satin blazer over a simple black top and shorts with Pierre Hardy plastic strap sandals and a CC Skye Niki clutch.

    Love her look? Here’s how to get it:

    Photo: Courtesy of Topshop Topshop Co-Ord Peony Throw on Jacket, $100

    Photo: Courtesy of River Island River Island Blue Floral Print Blazer, $71

    Photo: Courtesy of Jane Norman Jane Norman Tropical Soft Blazer, $47

    Photo: Courtesy of Zara Zara Cool Wool Shorts, $30

    Photo: Courtesy of Topshop Topshop Front Button Shorts, $47

    Photo: Courtesy of H&M H&M Shorts, $30

    Photo: Courtesy of Heels.com Steve Madden Wizzard-Clear, $40

    Photo: Courtesy of Zappos.com Betsey Johnson Agean, $71

    Photo: Courtesy of Endless.com Ellie Shoes Sophia Sandal, $60

    Photo: Courtesy of ALDO ALDO Hord Clutch in Medium Purple, $35

    Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21 Forever 21 Bow Frame Clutch, $20

    Photo: Courtesy of Endless.com Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Clutch in Coral, $128
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    Hello everyone! My sister and I love to paint each others nails. It is fun to be creative and make up new designs for each other. Most of the time we just think about painting our nails in the newest designs, but keeping your nails healthy is important too. To get the best look on your nails, whether or not you have nail polish on, is to keep them clean and healthy. Your nails are made out of a protein called Keratin. Your nail protects the skin on your finger underneath. Healthy fingernails look smooth, a pink color throughout (no discoloration), and have no grooves or dents.
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    The fiercely real Khloe Kardashian is our favorite Kardashian and we loved a pair of jeans she recently wore. Want some stars on your denim too? Check out how you can get the look by clicking on the picture!Get the look: Jeans from Topshop Blazer from H&M Tank top from Topshop Heels from NastygalSunglasses from Mango Black nail polish from Asos