A (Lemony) Twist to Natural Highlights

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Kenzo spring 2011, Imaxtree

With the ’90s creation of Sun-In, a spray-on hair lightener, some women had to ask, “Is hair highlighting really that easy?” The steps couldn’t be more basic. Spritz the lemon-smelling liquid onto desired strands, and go spend a day in the sun. Honey-blonde highlights were that simple. The citrus-y fragrance got women wondering if all they needed was a bit of lemon to change up their locks.

Photo: Courtesy of Drugstore.com. Lemon Sun-In Lightener, Drugstore.com, $5

And the truth? You really can illuminate your strands with just a bit of lemon. It’s the cheapest hair-dying method you’ll find, all you need is a few slices of the produce. Also, it’s significantly healthier for your locks than hair-stripping chemicals at the salon. There is one downside to the beauty DIY: those of you with dark brown or black hair shouldn’t participate. Unless you’re aiming for reddish-orange highlights, you won’t get the same lightening effect blondes and light brunettes will. To achieve the lemon look, it takes only a few simple steps. Start with freshly washed hair, and leave it damp. Prepare your lemon juice mix. For stronger, more noticeable highlights, use strictly squeezed lemon juice. If you’d like to try out a subtle style first, mix equal parts lemon juice and water together. Put the juice in a spray bottle and begin showering your strands in the mix. For chunky highlights, only spray certain strands, but if you desire an all-around lighter look, drizzle your entire head. Brush your hair to evenly distribute the spray if this is the case. Slather on the sunscreen (you don’t want to get burned!), grab your newest issue of ELLE, and set up camp in the warm sunshine. Sitting outside for 30-60 minutes allows the juice to “bake” into your hair. Head back inside, shower—or don’t shower, it’s up to you—and check out your lighter locks! You can repeat this as often as you like, but remember, the more dispersed the treatments, the less likely it will be for your hair to become brittle. If you still feel uneasy about this method (it works, though!), John Freida has created a professional spray to use.

Photo: Courtesy of John Freida. John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray, ULTA, $9.

Well, does your hair seem a bit blonder? Thought so. And remember, this technique is really only designed for the lucky individuals who have blonde or near blonde hair!