How to Rate a Party?

10 maanden geleden

Next up on the "How to" segment of my blog is how to rate a party. Many new Stardoll players don't know how to rate chats on Stardoll, but don't worry, it's not too difficult! You just have to follow a few simple steps.

1) Join a chatroom, whichever chatroom you want! 

2) On the bottom left hand corner there should be a series of 5 stars, and you can pick 1-5 stars to rate that particular chatroom. 

3) If you don't see those 5 stars in the bottom corner, you'll have to go into your settings and add an email. After you add an email, go to your personal email account and verify your email through the email that Stardoll sends you. Once you've verified the email address, you can go back to the chatroom and rate the chat in the bottom left hand corner. 

4) Enjoy the party! Go wild and just have fun, but please follow the One-Stop Rules!

I've added a photo of me enjoying a chatroom with some of my friends!