Strike-A-Pose Skin Tone Chart!

10 maanden geleden


All fine? All fine? Healthy and happy? Hopefully so! ^-^

Alright so first of all...I was thinking about the poses. The free poses we usually get as promo gifts have tons of possible colors ..maybe not tones...but you know what I mean! While S-A-P, stuff we actually buy...well they're limited to just three tones. I'm writing this chart so you can pick the exact necessary skin-tone to wear it flawlessly. Or at least...approximate it. Bear with me. 

#1 LIGHT- The light skin tone can be found exactly at the end of the skin tone slighter. It's too dark for the pale skin tone I usually use, yet too light for the medium skin tone. If you're choosing the perfect Underneath Stardoll underwear, the color is PEACH.

#2 MEDIUM - The medium skin tone can be found at the middle-right section of the slider. Somewhere in the beginning of the darker skin tones. The Underneath Stardoll shade is called AMBER TAN. :)

#3 DARK - Finally, the dark skin tone. You have to go from the last light skin tone pallette and slowly go towards the darker skin tones. Go left until you reach the sweet spot. The Underneath Stardoll variant is called CHOCOLATE.

That should be all. I guess. Who wants more SAP skin-tone shades? I personally do.

Alex Signed Out