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Hi dollies!

Today's post is inspired by a simple look, with an affordable price and they are probably already in your closet. Why? Well, the main inspiration - like the title suggests - they are from the basics store.

I have seen many posts about how Basics is a clothes store that is under-estimated and is only good for layering. Well, I have decided to do another post, but making sure that I had two items from Basics and making them the focus point.


Here is my look:


I have chosen this look because layering a white t-shirt over a dress or overalls are still in trend at the moment and I wanted to create a casual look on my doll. I really like this trend, it isn't for many people, but it still looks great whilst using those items from the back of your closet!

Items used:

Black Lace Dress - Basics - 52sc

Top - Bonjour Biozu - 12sc (Star-baazar)

Sneakers - Basics - 35sc

Bag - Special Offer - 0sc

Total = 99sc

I hope you liked my affordable, cheap and basic outift!

Starlight x

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