Just Dance!

40 maanden geleden

Hi dollies!

Today's post is inspired by one of my passions: Dance.

I adore dancing, it is a way of expressing myself without even using words. I can be myself and not be afraid to push my abilities.

I started dancing at the age of 10 by doing Bollywood dancing. It wasn't really professional and I hadn't gone to any competitions but I had performed at many shows!
Then I started learning contemporary, modern and cheerleading. Dance changed my life!

I have been to various competitions with my school and we have won all cheerleading competitions and we once won our contemporary competition.

Here are some things to help you get into dance:

- Start moving! The more you move, the better you dance!

- Watch tutorials on the internet.

- Find a local dance club! You can dance and socialise with new people whilst developing your new passion!

Last but not least, you can start dancing at any age! I started pretty late compared to most of my friends, but now I am just as good as them!

Starlight x