Starcoin Eye Makeup!

40 maanden geleden

When I was a non-Superstar member, one of the hardest things to find for Starcoins was makeup! It is all sold in Stardollars, so many non-Superstar members have to make do with what they get in Academy. Here is a simple eye makeup look that uses Starcoin items easily available in the Starplaza- I also tried to use features available to all dolls (once they have been unlocked through the level system), so everyone has the chance to recreate this look!

MSTQ Smokey Lustering Eye Right/Left- 110 SC
These pre-made eyeshadows can seem a bit dark at first, but can be used in some really interesting looks. I used them as a base for a simple dark eye, but if you have a little eyeshadow then you could blend the edges out to create a more natural look. By combining this item with a few other Starcoin picks, the look in the picture above can be easily achieved!

Splendid Arrow Statement Makeup Black- 45 SC
This was a really fun find for me, as I'm a big fan of winged eyeliner! Simply apply this item to the corner of your doll's eyes in the Beauty Parlor for an instant boost to any makeup look. I especially like how it goes with the MSTQ eyeshadow, as the dark colours complement each other well!

Sunny Bunny Lovely Lashes- 20-30 SC
If you're searching for versatile and affordable false eyelashes, look no further! These lashes are low enough in cost that you can buy several pairs, resizing them and layering them to create your own custom eyelash look. I definitely recommend stocking up on these- and make sure you use the full screen option when applying them so you can get the positioning perfect!

What's your best Starcoin beauty find?