Halloween Costume Inspiration!

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Halloween is coming! Some of us love dressing up our doll, so here I made three outfits to give you some inspiration! Up above, I wore all leopard print with some cat ears to create a lovely cat costume! You can easily re-create this costume with an animal print dress and some cat ears! Add some fur for a bonus!

This costume is a Greek Goddess! Its super easy to re-create! All you need is a white gown and some sandals! If you pair it with a crown (a floral one works too!), it will add to the look!

Lastly, this is a zombie costume! You can re-create this costume easily by purchasing a pair of ripped pants, a baggy shirt, and the doing your make-up in a spooky style!


I hope this gets your creativity flowing! Let me know which costume is your favorite!

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