You do not need to report issues listed below - we are working hard to solve them
2 maanden geleden:Suite Save Issue
We are currently facing an issue where some users are unable to save their suite. We are actively testing for a fix and will hopefully have this issue resolved soon. If you are experiencing this problem, we are so sorry for this set back and would like to thank you for your patience.
2 maanden geleden:Flash Loading Issues
There has recently been an update with Google Chrome that has negatively impacted Flash for some users. We recommend trying an alternate browser to resolve this issue. Due to this we will not be responding to issues relating to slow loading of Flash until we have a resolution.


Please always review the HELP SECTION first for an answer to your question.

Please note that we will not reply to the following questions or requests:
- ones that use disrespectful, rude, or harassing language
- ones you have received assistance with previously but are hoping to get a different outcome
- ones asking for help regarding the daily contests
- ones do not fit the below criteria or that are already answered in the Help section
- ones that involve a problem you are having with another member here on Stardoll (please use the Reporting tool for these issues, so we can see the problem where it is happening)

Customers with paid plans will receive expedited support, while customers with free plans will have longer response times.

Contact us here if:

A. You've lost your account -- please provide the following information in your message:
1. The username
2. The birth date registered on the account
3. The original email address used to create the account (even if you no longer have access to it)
4. The most recent email address associated with the account
5. The approximate month and year you last had access to the account
6. Several purchase reference numbers, which can be found in the receipt sent to the email
registered to the account when a purchase is made, or payment method used, transaction dates and amounts or the last 4 digits of the credit card used to make the purchases.

B. There's a technical problem in your Suite that only staff can fix. Please review these issues before writing in:

- You cannot access Party Chats
(Please ensure you don’t have an ad blocker running. Additionally, only have one tab open to Stardoll when chatting, as having multiple pages open at the same time confuses the servers and causes chat problems.)

- You cannot access StarBazaar, even though you are above Level 17
(This is happening because your account is under quarantine, which is a security feature that triggers when you change your email or password. If you confirmed your email address, you should receive a message with a link to remove the quarantine, or wait 48 hours for it to be over.)

C.You've had a problem with a payment you've made on the site

We currently only offer customer support in English.
Please include your Stardoll Username, email address and payment info as we need it to help you.
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