Barbie Fashionista Store … now in Starplaza!


Barbie Fashionista Store … now in Starplaza!

Six different styles for all the fashionista-filled shopping you and your MeDoll could ever dream of … bring loads of different looks back to your Suite!

Go Glam!  Be romantic and glamorous, retro-inspired, but totally modern! It’s classic movie star style!

Run Wild … jungle and animal prints, a wild mane of hair and loads of bangles and rings in
wood and brass.

Feel Girly with bows, bows, bows, tutus and empire waists — always completely fresh with lots of curls and super shiny hair.

Official Cutie – you are darling, innocent, and just a little quirky! Side ponytails, cute prints, baby-t’s, fuzzy fabrics and lots of graphics.

Are you Artsy?  Is your fashion individualistic with lots of crazy patterns, colors and styles? Do you like a pair of strappy sandals? Bohemian scarves? Artsy sounds like you!

Sassy style demands attention: Brilliant, bright, and bold! Strong stripes, bright colors, fabulous shapes!  Pleats and plaids—loads of patterns and loads of “Look at me!”

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