Pride Photo Contest!

Pride Photo Contest!


1. a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, those of one's close associates, or from qualities that are admired.

2. consciousness of one's own dignity.

1. to be particularly proud (of a quality or skill)

The above definition is what Pride means according to dictionaries, but the word is more than a description. It is a feeling that inspires, emboldens, and helps build a community.


As you all know, been celebrating Pride on Stardoll in the past few years and we couldn’t leave this important celebration to be forgotten in 2021. Even if we can’t attend a parade or party with our community, we still can dress up and be proud together here on Stardoll!

Dress up your Doll with the most colorful Pride outfit using, at least, one item from the new Tingeling Pride Collection. Prepare an outstanding makeup and send us the picture of your Doll here, until June 28th, for a chance to win Stardollars!

Everyone who participates will get a beautiful Pride T-shirt.

Happy Pride! 

Photo: LGBTQ