Callie Con 2020 HUB

Callie Con 2020 HUB

Welcome to Callie Con 2020!

This is your CALLIE CON HUB for everything during Callie Con over the next two weeks!

The third-annual Callie Con invites YOU to be Anime-zing!

This year, we’re celebrating all things anime! If you’re not familiar, anime (also known as Japanimation) is a style of cartoons and animation originating from Japan! You may know some famous anime movies or programs, such as the Studio Ghibli films, tv shows Sailor Moon and Pokemon, or perhaps you are a fan of other anime or manga (comic book or graphic novel) characters! Be prepared to see ninjas flipping across rooftops, space scouts saving the day, and some exciting contests coming your way!


Everyone who logs into Stardoll these two week gets a 2020 Callie Con Pass and Pokeball! Superstars will also receive gold passes and Pokeballs and Royalty members will additionally receive turquoise passes and Pokeballs. 

Check out the Callie Con Party Chat to party with Official Dolls!


Monday, August 3 - Callie Con Begins!
Callie Con Registration - Check out Callie Con Registration page which opens on Monday on the Contests Page to receive some official Callie Con swag: a mug, and bag!

Also, be sure to check out the Sunny Bunny shop to get anime facial features and emotional reactions!

Tuesday, August 4 - StarDesign Heroic Hair SNTHA Edition! 

Create your own hairstyle fit for a Space Scout in StarDesign Hair! Submit it to the Space Scout Styles Contest on the Contests Page! The winning looks will be rewarded Stardollars, the Dream of Design Achievement, and get a blog post dedicated to them with links to sell their Official Callie Con 2020 Hairstyles during week 2 of Callie Con! Everyone who enters wins a Poke Cap!

Wednesday, August 5 - AMA Panel!
Submit your questions to our staff in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) Panel Contest on the Contests Page! Everyone who enters a question will receive a notebook inspired by the beloved anime story Death Note! Check back during week 2 to see the answers!

Thursday, August 6 - Scavenger Hunt!
Check out the Scavenger Hunt on the Contests Page to win a Space Scout MOON costume AND Tuxedo Masked Man ensemble!

Friday, August 7th - Super Style Trial: Anime Edition
Participate in our ever-popular Style Trial contest with an anime twist on the Contests Page!

Additionally, you’ll be able to complete your Space Scout collection! To compliment your Space Scout MOON and Tuxedo Masked Man outfits, you’ll receive uniforms for your Pals to dress up as Space Scouts MARS, JUPITER, MERCURY AND VENUS! Each uniform includes gloves and shoes as well as a dress that compliments the Space Scout MOON costume! Check out the Doll-Mail you'll receive on Friday for more details.



Monday, August 10th - Magical Doll Transformation Part 1

A traditional trope in anime is the magical transformation, when our heroes transform from their normal daily look into their super heroic look. Submit your doll’s ‘normal’ look today on the Contests Page and return later this week to submit their transformation look! Everyone who enters will receive a Naruto Headband!

Tuesday, August 11th - Magical Doll Transformation Part 2

Submit your doll’s ‘superhero’ look today on the Contests Page! Everyone who enters will receive a Naruto Headband for their Beauty Parlor!

Also, see the winning hair styles from Week 1’s StarDesign Heroic Hair Contest on the Blog Page!

Wednesday, August 12th - AMA Responses Blog
Check out our staff’s responses to your questions from Week 1 on the Blog Page!

Thursday, August 13th - Behind the Scenes in Quarantine
Normally, we like to show some behind-the-scenes snapshots of Stardoll Headquarters during Callie Con, but thanks to the coronavirus, we’re working from home this year! Check out some home office setups of our Stardoll staff on the Blog Page!

Friday, August 14th - Close of Callie Con! 

This anime adventure is coming to a close! Be sure to login on the last day to receive your Callie Con 2020 poster!