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Glorious Games Group Privacy Policy


Welcome to Glorious Games Group!

We are a company that develops and maintains video games on the web and on mobile devices, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

For the purposes of this privacy policy “we,” “the company” and “us” means Glorious Games Group AB. Services, servers or website(s) refers to one or more of our products. “You” or “user” refers to you using our services.

 This privacy policy explains:

 -What kind of data we collect

 -How we collect it

 -Why we are collecting it

 -How we will use it

 -How we share information with third parties

 -Your control over your own data

If you do not understand any parts of the privacy policy you are free to contact us with any questions. This policy does not apply to third parties.

What data we collect

We collect two types of information: personal identifiable information (PII) and non-personal identifiable information (NPII). PII is information that can be linked to an individual (such as IP-addresses or email addresses), while NPII is information that can’t be linked to an individual (such as aggregated statistics). We collect the following information:

Authentication: We collect usernames, passwords and IP-addresses to give you secure access to Glorious Games Group’s servers.

Payment Info: We collect the following info when you make a payment: transaction ID, last 4 credit card digits, ip-address, transaction reference, price of the transaction and transaction date.

Demographic Info: We collect the following demographic info: gender, date of birth, country, city, continent and language. Some of this data, such as gender, country, city and continent is aggregated and not personal.

Usage Info: We collect data on how you interact and use our services such as: If users are new or returning, how long users interact with a service, how many pages a user visits, how long users interact with the product, how many pages users look at, source (how users found the site, such as Google), what type of interests users have and so forth. All of this is aggregated and not personal.

Device data: We collect data about our users device such as: device type, device version, browser type, screen resolution, service provider and operating system. This is aggregated and not personal

Error and Performance data: We collect data such as how our services are performing, error messages and so forth.

How we collect data

Data you provide

Some data that we collect is provided to us by you in different ways, and while we never force you to give out your data, it will limit how you can access our services in different ways.

For example, in order to fully enjoy some of the Glorious Games Group’s services, you will need an account, which will require you to sign up using an online form.

In the case of some mobile applications, an account is automatically created for you when you start the application. This system is using your mobile device’s unique identifier and can’t be traced to a person.

We also ask you for payment information whenever you make purchases, which might vary depending on the payment method, but this might include your phone number and transaction ID.

You also provide us with information when you respond to surveys, send information to our support team, participate in contests or request certain services from us.

Data we collect automatically

We and our partners also automatically gather some data about how you use our services, utilizing technology such as cookies.

This information is used to improve our products and secure our services against malicious intent as well as helping us in our advertising efforts and improving our services. For information about what data we collect, please see the “what data we collect” section.


We automatically collect certain information in log files which involves how you use our services. This is usually information that helps us secure our services or improve them. Please see “what data we collect” section for specific information.

Cookies and other tracking

We use cookies and other tracking methods for different reasons. Please see our Cookie Policy for specific information

How we use your data

We use and share data with your consent or as needed to provide our part of a contract (such as purchasing via our services) or as a part of our legitimate interests.

We are using the personal data you provide to us for several different reasons, such as:

     -To respond to user requests

     -To provide support

     -To process transactions

     -To protect and monitor our services

     -To gather and analyze user data to improve our services (such as aggregated data)

     -To comply with the law

     -To use in campaigns and promotions

     -To communicate with you (such as newsletters and password reset mails)

     -To display personal advertisements based on your browsing habits

  • To improve your browsing experience
  • To analyze how effective our different campaigns are
  • To store your preferences (such as language) and your session (so that you do not have to login every time)

How we share your data

The data that we collect can be shared by Glorious Games Group AB in an aggregated (non-personal) format with members, partners, sponsors or others. This means that we or our third-party service providers and/or our partners, may use cookies to manage and measure the performance of advertisements displayed with our service(s).

This also helps us, our service providers and partners to provide more relevant advertising. If we ever cease to exist or are purchased by another company, we could share our information with our successor.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on the users device and are designed to store a modest amount of data related to a website and can be accessed by a server or the client’s device. For more information about cookies, please visit We can also use other similar tracking technologies, such as web beacons, clear gifs or similar technologies. For this privacy policy, they are all grouped together under the term “Cookies”.

Which types of cookies do we use?

The cookies that we use can be divided into two different categories.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary to navigate around our service(s) and to use related features. Without these cookies, nothing would work. These cookies do not gather any information unless required to secure our service(s), and users cannot turn them off if they want to use our service(s).

Examples of cookies that we use that are essential in serving these functions:

  • Signing in
  • Staying signed in
  • Registering a user
  • Protecting our service(s)

Analytic cookies

Analytic cookies collect anonymous data about you when you use our services and are used to improve them. That data is aggregated and doesn’t contain any personal information.

Examples of these cookies that we use are for:

  • Gathering data about purchases, number of visitors, where visitors come from, pages they visit etc.
  • Used in Marketing and Remarketing
  • Information about how you interact with the page
  • Figuring out which parts of the service is most popular
  • Figuring out how many visitors the service has
  • Serve relevant Advertisements

Control cookies and third-party tracking

Users can change their privacy preferences regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies through their browser. Users may set their browser to accept all cookies, block certain cookies, require consent before a cookie is placed on their device, or block all cookies. Blocking all cookies will affect the users online experience and may prevent he/she from enjoying the full features offered with our service.

Third parties, such as ad companies and analytic tools, might place their own tracking technologies (such as third-party cookies) on users device when using our services, often relying on their legitimate interests (please refer to their respective privacy policies). If a user don’t want third-party tracking, he/she can control it via most modern web-browsers.

Please see the Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge documentation to see how, or if your browser isn’t listed here, please refer to that specific browser’s documentation. Note that blocking third-party cookies won’t make you see less ads, only less-relevant ones.

Your rights and privacy controls

Right to access and data portability

Users have the right to access which data we hold about them by contacting us. We will also request you to verify your identity to make sure that we give the information to the correct person. If we consider that a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, we reserve the right to request small fee as allowed under GDPR. Upon verification you will get a file about the personal data we hold about you sent to you in a portable format.

Right to be forgotten/erasure

You have the right to delete your personal information from our systems. Some data will be retained for a while even after you have deleted your personal information for security and legal reasons. An example of this would be to comply with a law investigation where we have to provide certain data.

If we cannot comply with your request to delete your data, we will tell you why. Please note that your account will be terminated as an effect. Users can delete their data under settings.

Right to correct

If a user believes/knows that some personal data that we hold about him/her is incorrect, that user has the right to correct that data by contacting us. You will have to prove your identity so that we can make sure that you are the right person requesting the change. We will always answer within 30 days.

If we cannot comply with your request to correct your data, we will tell you why.

Right to object

Users have the right to object to the processing of their data in certain circumstances, such as if the data is used for direct marketing or if we are basing the collection of data on legitimate interest.

If a user wants to object to the processing of data he/she has to give specific reasons why they are objecting to the processing of their data. These reasons should be based upon their particular situation.

In these circumstances this is not an absolute right, and we reserve the right to continue processing if we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing, which override the interests, rights and freedoms of the individual; or the processing is for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

Please contact us for issues relating to the right to object


Most browsers allow you to manage the way it stores cookies. Please visit the cookie Policy section for more info and documentation about how to manage Cookies.

Third-party tracking control

Most browsers allow you to control third-party tracking. Please visit the control cookies section to see how.

Rejecting consent

You have the right to reject consent when creating an account on our services. Rejecting consent means that we will stop tracking most things about you, such as chat logs. This means that you will be unable to use certain services, such as most social functions, since that data has to be stored for security purposes. You can give or revoke consent in the Settings menu whenever you want and as many times you want, should you ever change your mind.

Some things will still be logged though, such as your IP-addresses, as it is based on our legitimate interests and legal reasons.

Third parties

We work with various third parties to improve our service, but our privacy policy doesn’t apply to them; please refer to their privacy policies when interacting with their services. There are several different ways that you can share information with third parties, such as:

Links to other sites

If you click on a link to another site while using one of our services, their privacy policy applies to that site.

Social media

Some of our services have integrations with other services, such as sharing posts on Facebook. How those services collect, store and use your information is described in their respective privacy policies and is not enveloped into our privacy policy.


When using some of our payment options, those services might collect information about you. For example when using PayPal as an option, you will need to share your payment information with them, and as such, their handling of your information will be under their privacy policy.


We pledge to protect your personal data as best as we possibly can, however as with everything on the internet, nothing is 100% safe.

We use a reasonable mix of technical solutions, physical barriers and organizational processes to protect your personal data from breaches. Examples of this are: encryption when signing in and while making any transaction, using hashing on some personal data and keeping all computers with access to administrative functions behind a secure firewall.

By using our services, you accept this risk (as with everything else on the internet). If a breach occurs, we promise to inform you about it within 72 hours about what personal information was stolen, who is impacted and what we will do to counteract this.

Contact us

This Service is operated by Glorious Games AB from its office in Stockholm, Sweden.

For, Stardoll Stylista or other products that are operated by Glorious Games Group AB, please contact us here.

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