STYLE TRIAL #10 - Archive

STYLE TRIAL #10 - Archive

Hey Dolls!

Welcome to Style Trial -- a weekly competition to see who's got the look! In this contest, you need to style a look using items from a specific recently-released shop collection. Submit your entry quick, as this contest is only up for 3 days! Every week, we'll find the best looks to showcase as winners of the Style Trial! Winners will receive an item from StarPlaza, 35 Stardollars, and the Style Trial trophy! Read the contest prompt below and show us your style!

From childhood TV stars to fashion icons. The '90s most famous twins are being brought back to Stardoll featuring real-life looks, their various brands, and tons of items that have never before been released to purchase here! MKA fans rejoice! Like the twins, show us all your creativity in fashion featuring at least 2 items from this new Archive release.

Submit a photo of your styling below. Only entries that feature 2 items from the recent Archive release will be considered. This contest ends April 5.