How To: Win National Covergirl

40 maanden geleden

Hey dolls,

I might not be the most decorative doll on Stardoll, but I have had my fair share of National Covergirl Trophies. In no way am I saying I am an expert on winning, but I think I have gathered up some tips and tricks to help you guys win as well!


Instead of asking strangers who probably won't vote for you, ask your good friends! If you feel you still need to ask more people, visit chat rooms and get to know some people there. Odds are if you're kind, people will love to vote for you!

Look Presentable:

Odds are, if your suite looks like you worked hard on it, and you put together a nice outfit, more people will want to see you win! I love voting for the dolls who I believe should be recognized.  

Ask Those From Your Country:

It's most important to realize that if you are not being voted by people from your country, the vote does not count. Trust me, it took me a while to realize this too! 

If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments section.