• Joined: 2009-05-23
  • Last seen online: 10 hours ago
  • Santa Claus15
    Purchase 50 gifts for friends in their Gift Shop.
  • All Dolled Up2
    Style and save your own stardoll.
  • Home Comfort2
    Click the save button to register changes to your Suite.
  • Social Butterfly15
    Create 10 Chat Rooms.
  • Breathing Space2
    Create and buy 1 interior item from StarDesign Interior.
  • Gate Keeper7
    Own a club and have at least 10 members.
  • Together 10ever30
    Be a member for 10 years.
  • Born This Way7
    Attain Superstar status.
  • A Girl's Best Friend2
    Design and buy 1 piece of Jewelry in StarDesign Jewelry.
  • Bargain Hunter2
    Purchase an item from the StarBazaar.
  • Climbing to the Top15
    Visit a member's suite from each level from 1 to 50.
  • Writing Ambitions2
    Create and save a blog entry.
  • Hair Today More Tomorrow2
    Create and buy 1 new hairstyle in StarDesign Hair.
  • All About The Callies15
    Sell items in the StarBazaar for a total of 500 Stardollars.
  • Celebrity Hunter2
    Reach a score of 50 when you play Celeb Quiz.


Amy Winehouse
Celebrity look-a-like: Amy Winehouse
  • Favorite celebrity: 60's Twiggy
  • Favorite music: Disco
  • Favorite movie genre: Dance
  • Favorite food: Eggs
  • Favorite color: Brown
  • Future dream job: Working with kids
  • Favorite TV-show: The Vampire Diaries
  • Eye color: Greenish brown
  • Hair color: Fake blonde
  • Favorite hobby: Writing