How much do you know about The Amazon? Spreading Awareness Quiz Contest!

How much do you know about The Amazon? Spreading Awareness Quiz Contest!


Hey Dolls,

You may have studied the Amazon and other rainforests in school, but do you really know how important this forest for the life on Earth?

The Amazon is the most biodiverse terrestrial place on Earth and very important for the climate control, as it filters the world’s harmful CO(carbon dioxide) and contributes to reduce the greenhouse effect on the planet.

We at Stardoll are always concerned about our planet and we try to do our part by spreading awareness throughout our community.

Have you heard about the huge fire that has been destroying our biggest rainforest, the Amazon?

There has been an 82% increase in the number of fires in the Amazon, only this year. The fires are set with the purpose of making land for cattle and grain farming, and they spread easily in the dry season.

Why is The Amazon so important? Here are some facts about it:

- One in five species of plants and animals here on Earth live in the Amazon, and this is only taking into consideration the ones we have discovered!

- The water vapor released by plants into the atmosphere and into the oceans helps control the climate all around the world -- this is called the Flying River!

- The Amazon is the natural water irrigation system for the countries around it and itself, which contributes to the agriculture, for example. 

- The Amazon forest is the size of the whole European Union.

- It holds 30% of the world’s species and 10% of the world’s biodiversity.

What can we DO to help save the Amazon?

-- Get to know the companies you buy products from, and if they do their part to help and not destroy the Earth.

-- Teach others about the importance of the environment.

-- Consume less beef or beef not from the Amazon region. 

-- Reduce the use of fossil fuels.

-- Contribute to organizations that help the rainforests.

-- Make sure you vote for government candidates who care about our environment.

Let’s spread awareness and let’s save the planet!

Answer the quiz below to test your knowledge and get an item for participating! The entries that have all questions correct will be entered to win Stardollars!

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